About the project

if you were wondering what the functionality of this software is to be, heres a brief description

  • PHP based image gallery with standard image manipulation features (resize, rotate, crop, add text)
  • Permissions based gallery viewing (Let only certain people see certain pictures)
  • UNIQUE : Allow people to search for images based on meta data (Ex: find all pictures of Andy in a boat)
  • UNIQUE : Allow people to turn a picture into an E-Card to send friends!
  • Fully themable (change how it looks and feels by dropping in themes)
  • Modular (add in plugins/components to add functionality)

The software is not meant for a large site with lots of visitors, more for people with lots of digital photographs who want a nice way to catalogue them for friends and family on the web.


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Rel ver 0.01 alpha notes:

September 2nd 2003


  • Scans directory specified in source for images and creates thumbnails for them (JPEG and PNG only)
  • User can resize images
  • User can delete images (can be disabled by flag)
  • Basic themes support (see source code for explanation)

The main purpose of this release is to illustrate 2 things:

1) commenting (see image_functions.php for how code should be commented, in the case of comments, the more the merrier). Naming conventions should also be used (so an image manipulation function should in the form image_<function name>(<parameters>) and file names should be in the form database_<filename>.php .

2) modularity (breaking the code up as much as possible so we have small functions to write, and the main program can be reduced down to a few lines)

This was put together in a few hours, so do not expect the final code to be as unorganized.

We should have the code broken up into as many objects/functions as possible. Hopefully as the project grows we should be able to easily enhance it.

I will be releasing a list of functions and their descriptions shortly so people can get to work on them.

Required software!!!

  • HTTP Server (your choice as long as it supports PHP) currently testing on Apache 1.3 and IIS 5.1 (Windows)
  • Database server (has to be supported by PEAR DB ) currently testing on mySQL 4 and SQL Server 2000
  • PHP 4.3.1 or above

Please test on your own machines, we do not have a test server unless someone is willing to donate some money!
A demo site will be put up on our Sourceforge site later

Well, thats it for this release, more to come soon. If you have any questions please email or IM me

Andy (phppigs@operamail.com)

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